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Q. Which type of Trust Declarations must be registered with HMRC?

A. All Trust Declarations for sole owned properties must be registered. HMRC are the Government Organisation which maintains the register but registration is unconnected to tax.

Q. Why is registration required?

A. Registration is required to comply with the Anti Money Laundering Regulations. The reason is that the person receiving the rental income as a result of the Trust Declaration for a sole owned property is not shown as a registered owner at Land Registry.

Q. Is registration a recent change?

A. Certain types of Trust have been required to be registered for a number of years. However, HMRC clarified the types of Trust that were required to be registered in July 2022 which included Trust Declarations for a sole owned property.

Q. Is there a deadline for registration?

A. The deadline was the 1st September 2022 but HMRC recognise that many of the Trust Declarations have not been registered and are currently actively encouraging registration.

Q. I have recently agreed a Trust Declaration for tax saving purposes. How long do I have to register the Trust Declaration?

A. Registration must take place within 90 days of signing the document.

Q. Are there any penalties for not registering the Trust Declaration?

A. HMRC have indicated that a fixed penalty fine of £5000 will be imposed for failing to register the Trust

Q. Can I complete the registration myself?

A. The property owner is responsible for ensuring that the registration is completed. Registration
involves creating an Organisation Government Gateway account. The personal Government Gateway
cannot be used.

The registration process is completed online and involves submitting the following:

Personal details of the Trustee, Settlor and Beneficiary

  • Confirming the tax status of the Trust and whether it has a Trust URN
  • Confirming whether the Trust owns any assets
  • Confirming whether the Trust has any Protectors or other individuals involved in the
    management of the Trust
  • Caution is required when registering yourself since it is essential that the correct information is supplied
    to HMRC during registration.

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